About Me

A 27 year old initially self-diagnosed lady who is now in recovery from BPD. I have been in remission for the past 2 years and now living recovery one day at a time. Not only am I coming out the other end of the dark tunnel, I am now supporting people who are struggling with their mental health reach a better place in their lives. 

Likes: Anime, cherry blossom trees, buying clothes, the sunshine. Dislikes: struggling with MH, judgemental people, pitta bread and standing at the bus stop for anything past 6 minutes – (what kind of an abomination is that??).


This blog is my outlet, my online journal, a way to track my progress, reinforce my learning and a way to bring hope to others. It is a space for those who suffer from BPD or BPD traits to come and feel not so alone in their struggle. It is also to shed light on the condition and stick a massive middle finger up to the negative stigma surrounding BPD and BPD sufferers. We are people just like everyone else, with a very real condition, we need love and support, not damnation (because well, bitching online never helped anyone get better).