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3 Things I am grateful for.

Something that stuck with me from my therapist last year was when she told me to write the following everyday:

3 things I am grateful for, 3 things I am feeling, and 3 things I am proud of. Now I don’t always do the last 2 but I try to do at least the first, almost everyday (I am slipping here and there). I wanted to share it on here, in the hopes that someone else could get into it but also because in my research I have found a lady who used to suffer from BPD and now is doing very very well in life also engages in this practice but added an extra part. She put ‘When bad things happen I write a list of what I could learn from that situation, what opportunities could come from it and I focus on that.’ – So I will add that today too.

 Things I am grateful for today:

My friend at work – being able to tell her what happens in my life and get advice from her about an interpersonal situation. I don’t do this with many people so it is a blessing.

Having a job where my timings can be flexible, some days I just can’t stick to the ‘usual hours’.

My other friend who totally understood me when I plucked up the courage to assert a boundary nicely.

I was moody and grumpy for work this morning because I was missing a lot of things before I even left the house but it also turned out it’s my monthly. Today I have learnt that I am able to catch myself in the funk of it so now I can start to change it, maybe I can practice some DBT – some mindfulness. If what I’m getting upset about isn’t urgent I could just walk out of the house instead of getting all up in my head and adding to my anger. I could try a brief affirmation. Now I can also tell myself it may be my hormones and not always me ‘acting out’. So next time, I can recall that there may be a good physiological reason for this.

3 Things I am feeling:

Tired (pretty sure this is an always thing?).


Anxious – about the assessment tomorrow.

3 things I am proud of:

I asserted a boundary today.

I made it through the morning relatively unscathed with my relationships all intact.

I socialised after work knowing it would be better for me than going straight home.


So I am recuperating in my room, on the screens as always. Tonight’s meditation will be the following:





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The time in the day when you felt OK.

I need to document this time, mainly because it happens many times, at least once a day but I am hoping I will be able to remember this moment the next time I feel taken over by sadness. In my darker moments it’s almost as if these happier/calmer states just don’t exist. For one, I am content right now because I am not manically checking my phone to see if I have a text back. It doesn’t bother me at all. Secondly, I have been able to have my attention fully on one thing and that has been reading articles online about people’s experiences with BPD. It always helps me –  I guess to keep hope alive. Thirdly, I feel at peace in my body. My chest isn’t hurting and I don’t feel sad or torn apart. I didn’t feel like this just earlier in the day. I’ve noticed the dreaded depressed feeling today lasted about 3 hours at the most. I played around doing make up on my sister to distract myself and after that I was fine. While at work on Thursday – my depressed mood which led me to barely talking to colleagues lasted for about 4 – 5 hours. So these mood states are not long at all. But when I am in them it’s like I can’t remember what it was like before. I can’t recall happy moments or I can but they feel like something of the past, not just you know, this morning or 2 days ago. It’s like remembering a dream you had, hazy and distant. So, as of this moment, I am okay. I can get through 3-5 hours of sadness, I can let those states pass.

I am okay and when I am in those moods, I will come out of them and be OK again. Do they still suck? Yes. Will I go through it again? Yes. Will I come out of them? Yes. Is it worth coming out of them? Right now, I don’t feel super content in saying Yes but I still feel like it is worthwhile. I don’t want to let it keep me down. I will be around even after the sadness. I am not sadness. Sadness passes. Emotions change, they do not need to be judged. This is something they teach us in DBT but I still haven’t quite accepted feeling deeply sad, especially when there is no trigger. I guess I feel like I need a ‘reason’ for sadness and if I don’t have one, I take issue with it. It’s OK to have times of sadness, even if it’s for no reason and it doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me human and it doesn’t make me unstable, it’s just how my brain works. It doesn’t make me unstable because I have healthy, non damaging outlets, I am able to contain myself and see myself through them in some way or another. I am able to support myself and get through another day. I got through today. I can get through tomorrow.



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I don’t have time for mental illness.

I guess the main relief is my current struggle isn’t actually my doing. Even in therapy on Monday when I relayed the events going on in my life of last week, he wholeheartedly agreed that none of this was caused by my BPD. For once, all the shambles around me are just life events occurring. It hasn’t been me being reckless, or sabotaging or me lashing out at people under stress. It’s just a stressful shitty time. I hibernated last weekend and I guess I’ve been hibernating from this blog too, mainly because truly, no recovery related stuff is really happening, I don’t have interesting fun facts at the moment to share. My life at the moment is pretty strained. My psych acknolwedging that a lot is happening helped me to really believe it. I guess when you feel so intensely sometimes you wonder whether you’re exaggerating it or whether things really are that difficult at the moment.

There are some pros that have emerged in my recent experience:

  • I didn’t act out at all during all of this and had a healthy ‘break up’ (we were barely together, but you know) when Ben said he doesn’t want to take things further my urge was to cling, to call him and ask to consider the changes we could make to make it work (I have a hard time letting go, obviously) but I didn’t. It was hard, but I realised that he knew that too, and if he wanted he could have called/met up with me to talk about how we could make it work, he obviously didn’t want that, and I deserve that.
  • I took ‘executive’ action – as I like to call it – to handle the stress (more on that later).
  • I have been using positive coping strategies and so far I regret none of them.
  • I am still in therapy and because of my last session I was able to notice a BPD type behaviour creeping up and nip it in the bud before it gets bad.
  • I’ve actually been pretty reliable and responsible, especially at home. I’m doing more errands, spending a lot of time with family, helping out financially even more and with all of that, managing my BPD myself.

The actions I took are actually related to more stress that has been piled on me.              My sister lost a job after being accepted and before she even started because she’s been discriminated against for having depression (this is an article in itself). So I have to chip in more financially at home – this means I’ve dropped therapy to fortnightly and I’ve had to go back fulltime. So I’ll be starting full-time next week. I feel like both of these things are not what’s best for my recovery but, I’m going to try my best to get through it. But it helps the situation at the moment, and in terms of recovery it means I was responsible and able to take care of my family despite all of the crazyness going on at the moment.

I have started taking melatonin for the last 4 nights and it hasn’t been a miracle but I definetly feel less tired in the day and it helps me manage my BPD a lot better because of that. Unfortunately, I still had a nightmare last night which woke me, I’m going through a stint of having them every night and it’s upsetting to say the least so I hope that doesn’t happen tonight. I think I’m close to nailing the best sleeping time for me and once I have that, working full-time may be a lot easier. I’m also waiting for my 5-HTP patches. Now the tablets definetly helped me, (again not a miracle but it lifts my moods for sure as I felt it happening the first day of taking it). I am hoping the patches are even better. BPD and ME talks about it on her blog and how it helped her so I’m grateful that she put that out there. I will let you guys know how I go with that. So between the melatonin and 5-HTP I’m hoping my moods and sleep will stabilise and I can get on with things easier. I also have my assessment for DBT on tuesday which will be up to 2 hours! Of getting drilled with questions but hopefully after that, I can start, weekly for a good half a year or so of DBT! I think it’s going to be one-to-one as well so maybe that will help. I really hope so, at least it’s more support so I’ll take what I can get.

I was reminded how sneaky my BPD can be this week. I was reaching a point after Ben of becoming unhealthily obsessed with the app. I kept going on it and making it about who did or didn’t like me. All of a sudden it was becoming more urgent, an evaluation, trying to find the right person quickly. Getting angry that it isn’t happening. I knew it was happening but I kept finding myself back on it. I told psych about it and he said that while my current life situation may not be my doing, this IS. I love that he can be blunt and honest with me in a nice way. He pulls me up on BS that could harm me. He’s right of course so I agreed I’ll be taking a break from it. I had already swapped numbers with one person but I’ve ignored all the messages from others and haven’t logged on in days. I already feel better for it. I haven’t always needed to be in therapy, last year I went months without, studying, going out, trying to be normal but then the behaviours creep up on me and I’m not really thinking about them. So this has been a stark reminder to me that even if it’s fortnightly I need to carry on for now no matter how ‘functional’ I might seem at the moment. It’s like pulling out weeds before they can grow and get crazy. I’m grateful he was able to help me nip it in the bud, now I just need to keep it this way for a while.

I’m not really going out much but I am making the effort to go out with family, keep in touch etc. and prayer and spirituality is really helping. I lose myself in reaching out to God to help me through this time and it really beats harmful behaviours. I don’t feel great inside at the moment, but at least I’m not regretting anything.






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Shit got real.

He didn’t want to take it further. He sent the message while I was at work, as a reply to me saying I wanted to see him again (ouch). One of the reasons being ‘potential problems with my hypersensitivity and the way he knows he can be and his personality.’ Ahh…there it is the personality related one. There were other things too. Most of which could be worked around…he obviously didn’t want to work around them, things like living situation and my studying for my career plans etc. It is what it is.

One of them I may make a post about as it’s something not encountered just by talking to him, but a number of times in my life and something that I just need to rant about.

He was taking a while to reply as I’d asked him in the morning and he didn’t get back til later in the afternoon. See BPD brain and my clingyness issues and insecurities can make me panic when my other half doesn’t reply back quick enough but sometimes, I don’t think it’s that at all. Times like this make me feel like 1) I was right to panic which makes it worse in future situations because I remember these situations 2) It probably wasn’t irrational anxiety, maybe it was my gut instinct telling me something was up.

I mean it sounded like we would both have had to compromise a lot of things, but then aren’t a lot of relationships like that? I’m just a bit sick of the search too. It does hurt, and it hurts because since yesterday I was starting to warm up and feel comfortable and looking forward to seeing him. It’s just typical bad timing. I left work early after crying in the bathroom because yesterdays news was still on my mind as it was and I just didn’t have the energy to fake around my work friends compared to this morning where work was a welcome distraction and potentially seeing him was something to look forward to as well. 

Romantic relationships are the arena where my BPD kicks in the hardest, not really friendships, family or even work so at the moment I’m finding it super hard to take care of myself. What I really want to do is dance it out on stage in some smokey ass club, with a whole lot of tequila in my system. But neither of those things would happen because I don’t do either of things anymore. Or alternatively, self-harm it away. But I’ve had a long streak of not doing that anymore either (coming onto 19 months). I’m just going to try to get through the weekend..I have therapy on Monday so I hope I can see some sense then. I hope my psychologist has some more magic phrases and logic that will help me think it all away.






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Well, that sucked.

Cue another sucky thing about bpd brain is the ability to take everything personally. I had an interview today and it was in the mental health field which as you all know I have been wanting to get into for a long time. Anddd the interview was awkward as hell. It’s not a therapy role which is obviously what I want but it would be supporting psychiatrists etc. so it was still a move in the right direction.

The whole thing was just awkward from start to finish. One of the ladies actually made a blunt and rude statement in answer to my question (kind of making me look stupid when my question was pretty reasonable). But, because she said it in a normal tone it was kind of brushed off and I couldn’t say much because I’m in an interview. In my head I’m thinking pshhh woman if we weren’t in this situation would you have got a piece of my mind for that. I think she was mad because I didn’t ask her questions (she actually will not be my boss or even working within the same team as me so why she was there was beyond me).

It’s hard after the interview not to blame myself or feel bad about myself. In reality it’s just a question of whether or not you are suited for the role and the role is suited for you, and if you don’t get it there are a 100 other jobs you would be great at. I know all of that, and I would always encourage people to keep going for interviews and try and the main thing was that I made the effort to go. Sucked up the nerves, put myself out there, that type of thing. But, it still doesn’t take away from that feeling and the sinking feeling once you’ve left. My sleep has been erratic, nightmares, waking up at 4am for no good reason, so I am exhausted and need a lot of TLC today.

My self harming instinct wanted me to wallow and feel crap and berate myself but I tried to do something to cheer myself up. Went shopping, kinda too broke to get much and I was just grumpy. Got a lot of junk and engaged in binge eating while sitting with my family, got some bad family news. I’m just trying to block it out because it is actually too upsetting. And now at the time of writing this, Ben and me are going through something that may be a dealbreaker. His dependance on his older sister to ‘OK’ someone before he takes things further and in the future before he introduces to his parents, etc. I’m not about that. I’m feeling YOU out, not your sister. Kind of a turn off and I’m awaiting his reply as I said I’m not taking this further if that is an essential requirement for him.

So I’m dreading what he replies as this will be enough to make me jump ship and then by the end of today I would have had massive bad news, a crappy interview and be back to single and looking all by 3pm.

Trying hard not to pity myself, but when crappy things happen, why do they all happen together?

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Dates and Dates and Nookie

Well everyone, it appears I have acquired a boyfriend.

Ben and me met last week and kept talking after. I could tell he was taken with me from the start of our date, it was too obvious haha.  I was reserved and shy to the point I didn’t get up to get food at the restaurant because I felt too nervous about people watching me. I had chosen a restaurant that I thought would be in a quieter area but then I picked Friday evening… and it was pretty busy. I had to shrug it off and play it cool, though I will not be going there with him again any time soon, at least until I feel less nervous. So, if anyone reading this is wondering how to get out there and date when you have social anxiety or just get super nervous – I would definetly recommend telling them beforehand. Me and Ben spoke on the phone the night before and I explained I can be really nervous and not to take it personally, It’s just how I can be and it’s not ‘me’ once you get to know me better. He said in that case, I could take all the time I need and we can talk on the phone as many times as I felt comfortable to, to make it easier (what a gent right?). Somehow saying that just made it so much easier to want to meet and once I was there, I felt so much better for it. 

I still feel hesitant about us mainly because I’ve just been burned too many damn times, but this also includes him looks-wise. His personality and his demeanour is not my usual ‘type’ but then look where the usual type got me (hint: not far). He is a super geek which is so cute and refreshing from the ‘cool collected bad boy’ style (I know these are super generalisations but just bare with me, I’m just trying to make a point).                                   I am giving the looks thing some time because my friend made a good point of how it may just be the nerves and being self conscious and just ‘adjusting’ to a new person and the concept that they may become a partner. You’re kind of scoping them out I guess which is a lot of pressure. Plus, I wasn’t taken with my ex for the first 2 dates including almost calling it quits after the second, until the third and BAM, maybe I had finally relaxed but after that he became the most handsome person in the world to me. I am definetly over going for shallow situations or shallow attraction over what could be something serious and really based on knowing the person for who they are so I am going to give it a little longer before making any rash decisions based on that alone.

I just have two issues at the moment 1) even though I’ve told him that I struggle with my emotions, can feel down without any obvious ‘event’ causing it, that I can be sensitive and struggle with conflict etc. I still haven’t spelt out BPD. I know I have lots of time for that because I want to take this slow but when things are going well like this, I feel this dread of ‘you have no idea how I can be/what you’re getting into/what the heck is really up’ like BPD is lurking in the back of my brain and he’s just unsuspecting at the moment. It sounds pretty effed up now that I’m typing this, but then effed up is a pretty accurate account IMO.

2) Holding out for nookie time. Is this even a phrase? If it’s not, I made it up and it’s my blog so I can do that. This is where my BPD impulsivity, SLAA addiction and the joys of a new relationship are tumbling together to try to eff this up. I want to not sleep with him or anything in the lead up to it, early at all. But, I also really want to early on because the natural high of seeing someone, getting attention, emotional security, finally feels like it’s the perfect chance for release. Coupled with impulsivity means it’s harder to think long-term and remember it may not be the best idea to rush it. Poor boundaries, a little bit of coaxing and can probably tell how it plays out. Only, I really really don’t want it to go down that way, At all. The funny thing is, I’m not worried about him! I’m worried about ME. It is much more likely to be me out of us 2 because I’m well..more experienced. At the moment I’m just keeping as shtum as possible and hoping this gets better with time….