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3 Things I am grateful for.

Something that stuck with me from my therapist last year was when she told me to write the following everyday:

3 things I am grateful for, 3 things I am feeling, and 3 things I am proud of. Now I don’t always do the last 2 but I try to do at least the first, almost everyday (I am slipping here and there). I wanted to share it on here, in the hopes that someone else could get into it but also because in my research I have found a lady who used to suffer from BPD and now is doing very very well in life also engages in this practice but added an extra part. She put ‘When bad things happen I write a list of what I could learn from that situation, what opportunities could come from it and I focus on that.’ – So I will add that today too.

 Things I am grateful for today:

My friend at work – being able to tell her what happens in my life and get advice from her about an interpersonal situation. I don’t do this with many people so it is a blessing.

Having a job where my timings can be flexible, some days I just can’t stick to the ‘usual hours’.

My other friend who totally understood me when I plucked up the courage to assert a boundary nicely.

I was moody and grumpy for work this morning because I was missing a lot of things before I even left the house but it also turned out it’s my monthly. Today I have learnt that I am able to catch myself in the funk of it so now I can start to change it, maybe I can practice some DBT – some mindfulness. If what I’m getting upset about isn’t urgent I could just walk out of the house instead of getting all up in my head and adding to my anger. I could try a brief affirmation. Now I can also tell myself it may be my hormones and not always me ‘acting out’. So next time, I can recall that there may be a good physiological reason for this.

3 Things I am feeling:

Tired (pretty sure this is an always thing?).


Anxious – about the assessment tomorrow.

3 things I am proud of:

I asserted a boundary today.

I made it through the morning relatively unscathed with my relationships all intact.

I socialised after work knowing it would be better for me than going straight home.


So I am recuperating in my room, on the screens as always. Tonight’s meditation will be the following:






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