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BPD Resources

I want to share with you all, a range of things I have found, from Youtube vlogs, to insta pages, to research books written by clinicians in the field. Luckily, some amazing men have put themselves out there as well, so I’ve included that too. Of course, if you can add to this list, please do it will help me too 🙂

Let’s begin!

A site for free downloadable psychotherapy books, from this page I downloaded two recommended books (both of which give insight into the treatment of BPD by therapists):

The two books are (I haven’t read these yet but another blogger found them helpful in recovery.)

Borderline Pscyhopathology and it’s treatment – Gerald Adler

Six steps in the treatment of Borderline Personality Organization – Vamik Volkan.

The next ‘resource’ I will mention is a youtuber who isn’t as active now as he was before, but has really shed light on BPD, BPD recovery and relates his experiences in a really down-to-earth, light-hearted way. His channel’s called ‘MeAndMyBlackTable‘ what’s really interesting is that he has been for quite some time, in a successful LTR with someone who is also diagnosed with BPD – and they say it can’t be done! (Recovery tip: anything is possible).

Another great youtube channel: ‘Silencewithinme’ previously diagnosed with BPD (and other things) I found his channel helpful in the sense of feeling not so alone. He has also suffered from social anxiety and whilst not exclusive to the disorder, I know a lot of people experience this.

‘BPD transformation’ is another wordpress blogger who talks about how they recovered from BPD and also their views on the diagnosis. It was through this site I found out about the books.

Youtuber Daniz also blogged her recovery from BPD and various addictions. What I like about her videos is you can see the relationship between the desire to get well and relapsing, it is also inspiring to see her progression over time, giving others much needed hope.

For those who are mothers with BPD: Borderline mama is a wordpress blogger with amazing insight into BPD and really informative articles.

On instagram I follow: borderlineandbaby who also has a youtube channel and is also in a good headspace (as far as I know) from her recovery from BPD.

Recovery Mum on youtube also has a great amount of insight and talks about things not often spoken about (BPD and sex for example?).

dbtselfhelp allows you to access a whole bunch of dbt worksheets for free and a youtuber has made videos for free access explaining the modules for those who can’t access DBT – DBT Peer Connections.

Besides watching youtubers and following accounts, I read a lot and I’m waiting for my Girl interrupted book to arrive so I can give my thoughts on that.

I hope this helped.















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