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Letting you go.

I let you go,

Though I never really had you.

I am letting this go.

There are pieces inside,

and you Broke me.

I let this go.

The thoughts are lies,

and they bind me.

I dare to breathe,

and look at what surrounds me.

The beauty, the pain,

the cruelty,

is so much more than what this gave me.

Cuts on the arm,

eyes swollen, weary.

Helpless, alone,

I am no more.

At peace, complete,

Within the Universe,

I breathe.

I see Him,

and He holds me.


I initially wrote this thinking it was just about what painful relationships could do to me but now I see it has such a strong link with what mental illness did to me, and also how closely the two were intertwined.






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