Therapy plan for the rest of the year.

I realised I’m like 16 months into recovery! I have not had a relapse into any self harming behaviours, rages, destruction, or risky sex (my ex wasn’t risky, although the situation was stupid and I just realised that one – yay!). I’m not sure how into remission I am, but I definetly feel a lasting change. Mainly, I don’t want to hurt myself, regardless of how crap I feel. 

July – Next week I am hitting 1 month with my new psych. 1 more month of specialist treatment. 60 days in SLAA. 4/6 months single (my target).

August – 2 & a half months of therapy. 90 days SLAA sobriety (if I make it). 

September – 3 months of therapy. 6/6 hit my minimum target of staying single for myself, (must hold out until end of September). Plus 18 months into recovery! A big month for me. I may decide to celebrate. 

October – Should be starting in new weekly therapy sessions. 4 Months down.

November – 5 months plus 1 month of new therapy.

December – 6 months plus 2 months of NHS therapy. I may decide to quit private therapy by this time if I feel ready. I would have had a year plus of specialised private treatment, depending on my attachment to the therapy, if I don’t feel ready I’ll just continue. But, hopefully I will have recovered enough by then.

January – I think allowing myself a time for when it’s ideal to get involved with anyone would be January and may make me feel less upset about the wait. A new year, a lot of recovery and treatment later. 3 months into NHS therapy (ideally).

By 2018, let’s hope I’m off therapy, meds and treatment and in a better space in my life.







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