Help a sister out.

So there’s a blogger I’m following who posted about the financial difficulty of living with mental health issues. I know loads of us know what that’s like. It seems week by week I’m totting up living and therapy. Sometimes I get frustrated and want to quit therapy altogether but I know I still need it. On top of that  whatever national welfare system we have in differing countries for some reason all tend to suck.

Some of us are struggling with MH so much we can’t work and if we can’t work we don’t have money for treatment and if we don’t get treatment we can’t recover to be able to work…& on & on & on the vicious merry go round.

But I want to help at least one person and this blogger doesn’t know I did this nor did she ask me to, (unless she reads this once I’ve posted) but she is stuck with this type of dilemma. She has a paypal link if you want to support her. There’s also the article on her page where she talks about this issue. I know there are so many of us who need financial support for the same reason, so let’s help someone in the hopes one day we get that help too;



You could leave other users details too in the comments and maybe we could all make it a thing to support each other especially for those of us battling MH to the degree that it’s making it difficult to work. It would be a great way of helping each other!


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