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I got the job.

So I went and did the test. I got 88%! The interview was just me talking about my previous work experience. I went out to the shopping centre with my friend as I planned after for lunch and to scrap book and got a call to say that I got it! It’s a promotion in a sense and it’s higher salary and position even though its part-time. I’m more proud of myself for having the courage and turning up. I proved to myself I can do it! I feel a little anxiety that I have to prove myself in the position but I’m sure I can with enough determination and willingness. I start on the 5th 🙂

It does mean I’ll be out of therapy until I get pupils to tutor but at least I can try and tutor from home and it still wont be  37.5 hours of work it would be 26.5. I want to get out of the 9-5 rat race of London, it drains my soul. I hate the rush hour and the office environment so I feel like this is a good step for me which also takes care of my mental health. I’m also going to be booking driving lessons in about 2 weeks with the aim to pass by October. I just hope I can get into therapy asap, so I will be advertising online soon.

For today, I am currently reading in the sun, and learning to prioritise doing things I enjoy just as much as work & recovery. I set my ‘bottom line behaviours’ last night on a 10:00pm call with my sponsor. This basically consists of me being a nun for a month and means no dating until I have reached a certain step in my recovery. (Step 9, I don’t think I have even completed Step 1!). But I do feel good about this as hopefully at that stage I will be more likely to be relating from a state of wholeness and wellbeing to another person. Not clinginess and addiction.

Here’s to good times ahead!


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