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DBT skills for my interview today.

So I used:

check the facts dbt

I checked the facts:

What is the emotion I want to change? Fear/anxiety.

What is the event prompting my emotion? Interview and a test as part of it.

What are my interpretations, thoughts, assumptions about the event?

  • That I won’t do well.
  • It’ll be scary/unnerving.
  • They might not like me.
  • I don’t do well on the test.
  • I mumble and look bad.
  • I don’t get the job.

Am I assuming a threat? I don’t do well/I do bad at the test.

Assess the probability of the threatening event really occuring.

50%/30% – I could do well and still not get it. Other interpretations: Or, I do get it. I do do well on the test. They do like me. I could do amazing on the test. They say I have a bit further to go. They give me honest feedback. I do bad but they give it to me anyway because they’re happy to help me improve. I do well on both but I don’t get it just because someone more experienced applied. They tell me I did well. (I like looking for other interpretations because it shows how one sided and unrealistic the negative thinking part can be. It’s stuck on one possibility when the reality is so many other things could happen).

What’s the catastrophe?

I don’t get the job.

Imagine coping well with the catastrophe:

Radical acceptance. My current job still allows me to afford therapy fortnightly. I still have a job to go back to. Thanking God for not giving me a position I’m not suited for. I have planned to go out with my friend after as a congratulations for facing my nerves for going to the interview and also to treat myself well if I don’t get the position.

Does my emotion and/or it’s intensity fit the facts? Intensity does not. So I used the next sheet:


fear dbt

I am going to be mindful of the present moment. Observe my surroundings and notice I am safe. Maintain a confident body posture and voice tone. I will do a mindfulness practice on the train journey there and deep breathing when I am there. I am going to take my time when I am there doing the test and ask questions if I need to. I am going to be honest and open about what I can/can’t do so I don’t set them up for expectations I can’t meet and then struggle if I do get the job. I have prayed about it also and that helps calm me.



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