Referral for MBT

I did my MASTERY for today (doing something difficult but achievable) and I called my GP again and got registered by a really nice lady within half a day! I had to redo the form gave it in and got told to meet the nurse tomorrow so I have an appointment with her and will explain I got diagnosed and need an appointment with a GP. I’m going to ring my psychiatrist tomorrow and ask him to write to my GP and if he can – to suggest I be referred for MBT. I doubt without his recommendation my NHS GP would bother to refer me for that. I have had DBT so I don’t really want to be referred for that but on the NHS you can go for outpatient hospital MBT sessions weekly or bi-weekly something like that. I don’t mind if the waiting list is long, if it’s free I’m doing it. So I will tell my psychiatrist tomorrow to up my dosage if he thinks that will work as the Quetiapine doesn’t seem to be doing much at this dose and I can get referred hopefully for MBT! Even if it takes 18 months or so when the time comes I will take the opportunity.

In the meantime, after my work break I will continue with therapy sessions with my psychologist and I have a SLAA appointment tonight. I don’t think it’s overkill because it’s only now I am starting to see some kind of results. Sunday will be 7 days in SLAA recovery and 37 days single without looking (yay!). I’m attending a SLAA anorexic meeting which doesn’t have to do with counting calories but to do with love and sex anorexia where you refrain from any kind of emotional and sexual connections because you’re afraid of your addiction but haven’t recovered either in order to form healthy relationships. This is more me so I’m hoping it helps.

In the meantime today I did some of my mindfulness DBT homework and that felt good. The small practices of mindfulness help me get my head around it as the concept is huge and can be applied in so many ways. I am starting to see small steps to progress. Mindfulness does help if you practice it regularly. It is also starting to make sense to me as to why DBT is a 1-2 year programme, there is a lot to grasp.

Not having a GP was my last form of self-harm and I have eliminated that, plus soon I am going to try to start my driving lessons. So hopefully, things will look up for me.


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