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DBT group

So I’ve asked one of the founders of the group whether I can share some/all of their material or if it’s restricted. I don’t want to take credit for work that’s not mine or that wasn’t meant to be shared – so as soon as I get an answer if it’s a GO ahead I will be sharing with fellow readers as soon as I can 🙂 Regardless of that, I am going to share some of what I do myself and use in DBT group (I’m attending an irl DBT group too) from Marsha’s DBT handout book. (It’s available on amazon, if you can’t afford DBT group/have a long waiting list BUY this book!) I work from this book without my groups, just looking at it on my own and trying out small things day to day. Noticing small changes makes a difference!

You can also buy the training manual although it’s intended for instructors it sometimes help to look at the handouts with the manual as they have a little more explanation of the ideas/concepts. I’m still waiting for money to buy the manual as I know it’ll help me. I keep this one in my bedroom and sometimes it has literally felt like a life Bible.


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