Off to see the psych…

The wonderful wizard of Oz! because because becausee…..I’m a ‘complex case’ apparently. (That’s what he just said to me on the phone)….

So Hey!

Thus begins my first post on my wonderful story which began 26 (almost 27) years ago. The complex case known as ME. I have self-diagnosed as BPD (borderline personality disorder) although I feel I have aspects of CPTSD,  a good helping of a fear of abandonment, very recently and still kind of am struggling with not falling into the black hole of anorexia (I had a daily calorie limit of 900 for a couple of months and trying not to count these days) low self-esteem and probably a whole other bunch of dormant things I don’t even realise I have!

I’m not going to give away my real name on here as it’s too few and far in between (just realised that makes NO sense what I mean is – my name is pretty unique and I don’t want people I would rather not share my story with finding out) and I want to be super honest with you all and myself and I want to do it freely. So let’s just call me June.

I have been journalling everyday but feel that with a blog if one person reads this and finds comfort or some aspect of themselves in this I would be so happy. I have spent countless hours reading peoples’ recovery blogs, their stories/webpages of recovery, their books etc. and they have helped me tremendously, including feeling less alone. I have no idea if this will be helpful but it’s a nice way to journal also for myself.

So Join me….in my wonderful mad world.


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